On Writing

NaNoWriMo Day 5 – Word Count: 6862

Let’s start with a video!


This morning I wrote from about 6:10am to 7:20am. I wrote 1,245 words.

According to my NaNo stats, I’m averaging 1, 372 words per day. At this rate, I’ll be finished writing 50,000 words by December 7. I should be targeting to write 1, 667 words a day – that’s three hundred more words a day than I’m managing.

If I’m gonna finish on time, I need to write 1,660 words every day for the next month. I can do it.

My writing challenges this morning were:

1) I forgot to put the recycle stuff out last night. So in mid-sentence when I heard the recycle truck outside, I had to run up and get the recycle out to the curb.

2) I had to go the bathroom. Several times. Both kinds.

3) I made tea. Of the green persuasion.

Despite these challenges, however, I managed to write. PHEW.

I’m about two lines away from finishing a chapter. And although I started off slowly and unsure this morning, by the time I finished, I was happy with what I wrote.

I started reading A.S. King’s new book Reality Boy (Click HERE to buy the book) yesterday and it’s TOTALLY FREAKING INSPIRING ME to write with courage and unadulterated imagination. (Does that work? Those two words together?) How about extraordinary imagination. Yeah. That’s more like it. Thanks, Amy!

What book are you reading as you NaNo? How is it affecting your writing?

Write on, my friends. Write on!

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