On Writing

NaNoWriMo Day 6 – Word Count – The same as yesterday!

Word up.

Actually, today’s a ‘no-word’ day for me. Although I awoke early this morning, I did writing-related things, but I did NOT work on my novel.

I thought I’d have some time to do it later, and if I said ‘no’ to things like dinner and jammy time and Modern Family, then I could write. But I just don’t wanna.

Plus…my guts hurts and my belly is wobbly (I’m not sick, I just ate too much of the kid’s Halloween candy. Fer realz. I ate so much my tummy hurts!) and I just don’t wanna.

This will be the only ‘don’t wanna’ I will give in to this month. You hear me? Don’t let me ‘don’t wanna’ again this month!!!

And…I hereby bestow upon YOU one ‘don’t wanna’ day too. Okay? So use it wisely. Use it once. And then get back to it, would ya. Ya big writer.

Here’s video with some special guests.


Happy family!

Happy writer.


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