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On Friday I finished putting a package to Jian Ghomeshi together. I promptly drove to the post office and mailed it off, but not before I took some photos!

Once again, the goodies!

All goodies inside!

Off to the post office…

*I’m covering the producer’s name…in case she doesn’t want it plastered all over the world wide web!

The woman at the post office was very kind. She put lots of stickers on the package for me and let me take photos of it.

Of course, I recorded a video as soon as this was done…

The Package For Jian is Mailed!

And then yesterday…I checked the tracking on the package…

…and low and behold it says ‘ARRIVED SUCCESSFULLY’! So I promptly sent off a tweet to the producer and Jian…and received a lovely email response from the producer…

Hi Vanessa,

Wanted to let you know your jam-packed package arrived today, thanks. Jian is still in Russia, but I’ll be sure to give it to him next week…

AHHHHHH! I jumped up and down when I read her message!!

Alas, the package is there. My books will soon be in Jian’s hands…and hopefully, his heart!

Now…we wait.

And continue to tweet and hope, right?


To be continued…




  1. Why “alas the package is there”? Isn’t that a good thing? More like a SAM-FANTASTIC thing? Or am I missing something?


    1. nope..it’s a good ‘alas’…not missing anything. trying to use different conjunctions. is ‘alas’ a conjunction?!!!!


      1. Not sure on that one. It is often followed by the expression, “Woe is me!” and that’s why I was a little surprised by it. Cuz woe ain’t you, honey! Nuh-uh! Joyful, hopeful, confident, and irrepressible – yeah, you are THAT woman!


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