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OH EM GEE-ON-GHOMESHI – My Package for Jian Ghomeshi

Well, after my *AMAZING* email correspondence with a producer from Jian’s radio show ‘Q’, I got my arse in gear prepping the package I’d send.

I was reading Jian’s book, 1982, and learning lots about him, including his love for Adidas bags and his affinity for all things 1982 (hence the title of his book). Turns out it was a pretty amazing year for Jian, 1982. I was four. No worries. I’m old enough now to understand, relate to and appreciate his love for New Wave, David Bowie, school dances and mega-crushes on people who really just weren’t that into us. Also, both Jian and I played major roles in student council at our high schools. We’ve got much in common that way!

In any case, my intentions with the package were as follows:

1) be unique

2) be interactive

3) get his attention

4) motivate him to read my book!

Contents of the package included:

a) two copies of ‘I Am That Woman’, a copy of ‘Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy’ (my first book), and copies of both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Poetry on Demand

b) a hand-held tape recorder (circa 1992)

c) a tape with my voice message recorded on it

d) copies of all the funny photos I’ve posted on FB/Twitter

e) a press page – giving all my vitals and offering a list (Jian loves lists) as to why I should be on the show

f) a notecard for his producer (to say thanks)

I’ve recorded video to show you what’s in the package: (*I had to post it in two videos because it was too big a file!)

What’s In The Package Part 1

What’s In The Package Part 2

Previously in the week, I recorded the voice message in my car.

And here’s a video that I made right after I did the recording…(again in two parts…sorry!)

After I recorded a voice message Part 1

After I recorded a voice message Part 2

Needless to say, this whole process has made me quite emotional! And mostly I’ve been feeling like, is this really happening?

And it is! Pretty soon, there’ll be no more of this:


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