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New Book in 2016!

In 2011, my first book, a sassy little, heart-felt memoir called ‘Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy’ was published by Black Moss Press.

In 2013, I was the guest editor for a collection of poetry entitled, ‘Whisky Sour City’, published by Black Moss Press.

In 2014, we launched my first collection of poetry, ‘I Am That Woman’ (Black Moss Press). It has since gone into his fourth printing.

In October 2016, Black Moss Press will be publishing a second collection of my poetry!!!


(gif from http://nutshellsandnuggets.blogspot.ca/)

I’m so happy! A patrillion thanks to Marty Gervais and the Black Moss Press team for making another dream of mine come true! Of course, I’ll keep you updated on this process as it moves forward! Next up – workshopping, revision, more writing…ah…pieces of heaven!!

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