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Poetry On Demand – The Chimczuk Museum Edition Available Now!


I’m very happy to announce that the next volume of Poetry On Demand poetry is HOT OFF THE PRESS! (See, it’s even fire-y red!) All poetry was written at the grand opening of the Chimczuk Museum. I wrote for three hours straight, over 35 poems. Hot dog was it ever amazing! Museum-goers were totally into Poetry on Demand – and that’s the darn best!

Happy me! This is what a poet looks like! (Photo credit: Christopher Lawrence Menard)
Writing poetry with kids is the greatest! They’re shy and inquisitive at the same time – and I hope – they are also inspired to write poetry too!(Photo credit: Christopher Lawrence Menard)

Copies of Poetry On Demand – The Chimczuk Edition are ONLY $10.00! If you’d like to order a copy, please send me an email: with ‘Museum Poetry On Demand’ in the subject line!

Thank you Christopher Lawrence Menard and Cathy Masterson (City of Windsor Culture & Recreation Department) for inviting me to write poetry on demand at this momentous event! Thank you Jay Rankin for layout this collection! Thank you Sue Peel at the Windsor Public Library in the Self-Publishing lab for your quick responses and amazing energy!

So, who wants one?! Poetry is a wonderful gift for mothers….!!!

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