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LCP The Writing Parent Blog – The Truth About Travel


I’m over at the League of Canadian Poets today blogging about being a parent who is also a writer who needs to have some alone travel time.

Hot off my trip to Toronto for the Canadian Writers’ Summit, I had much to say about traveling, writing, conferencing, and of course, can you guess it? Missing my family!

Thanks again to the wonderful folks at the League of Canadian Poets for indulging my blogging!

Click here to read my blog! 

What else have I been working on? Welllll…

Just waiting on answers from several INCREDIBLE writers and storytellers I will spotlight on my blog…ahem, Domenica, Satori and Tim – that’s you all!

And, I’m working on a blog about my ‘year-of-the-poetry-book’….

Stay tuned and happy summer!

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