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Press Kit Mail Out – and cool photos!

The business of being a writer is a mighty one! There are loads of things a writer can do to get her work into the world. After the joyous pain of writing, editing, lay-out and design, proofing, and going a bit berzerk upon holding one’s freshly printed book for the first time, the next step is to get this new baby of hope into the world for reviews and awards.

I take this part of the process very seriously. As terrifying as it is to put my poetry into the world, I care what folks think about it, and I want to know what they think about it in some form of written communication! There are many things written about writers who take this part of the process so seriously…some suggest we are insecure and need validation by our readers. Some suggest that we are arrogant and still insecure, a bit selfish and needy. I say…ahem, well, yes to all of these possibilities, I suppose. For me, I put my work out there because that’s where I can see it have an impact. That’s how I am able to have conversations with people about the things I write about. And this is scary for me. But I don’t know why else I would share? My love for writing keeps me writing. I’ll never stop, and so I want as many people to read my words as possible. A writer writes for readers to read, does she not? I mean, beyond her love the act of writing itself.

And so, I spent much time on creating a press kit that I hope will entertain and motivate. Then I got some fun swag to share…and put it all in big envelopes sealed with love and hope. [I apologize to the people in line behind me at Shoppers watching the young man proceed to weigh and label 25 packages.]

Our house was a giant prep-zone. There was Look At Her stuff everywhere… I felt totally stressed out and anxious…and also excited and hopeful. This is part of the process!

Another part of the sharing process is giving books to family and friends. I love watching people read, watching their faces react to the words…and, if they choose, I love getting their responses! Especially when they ask me questions about what certain poems mean or where they were born…

My sister Danah got the first copy!
My best friend Christopher and I shared celebratory sushi dinner!
I write a personal message for everyone!
My mom got her copy! Proud Mamas!!
Best friend Linda shared a photo of her ‘save the date’ postcard…nestled in her home!

I’ve made many sales already! And have heard back from several places I’ve sent Look At Her for reviews. So far the response has been amazing! Tears of happiness have been shed!

Dearest friend and poet Karen gave me this fittingly funny card!
Poetry wine! Also from Karen!!

I look forward to sharing Look At Her with everyone at my book launch on Thursday, September 22! Thanks for all the support thus far!

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