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Letter Published in Poets & Writers Magazine! *She cries*

And then I got today’s mail.

Oh yes, sweet joy! The new edition of Poets & Writers Magazine.

I love this magazine. It moves me in ways that only it can. I wanted to tell the editors this, so I wrote them a letter.

And they published it! In a high-lighted box! Holy smokes – I almost missed! I wondered if they received it, and if it would make the cut. I scanned all the names…and saw another Vanessa in the bottom right-hand corner. I sighed, and then let my eyes read the letter in the high-lighted box (certainly that couldn’t be my letter) – and there was my name! Another Vanessa! The Vanessa that is me!

I cried.

I know. It’s a letter. But it counts. It’s part of the dream!

Thank you Poets & Writers!!!

I mean every word I wrote!!


The little sob of happiness turned into a good, old-fashioned, full-on cry…me on my knees in the dining room, Oscar (the pooch) licking the tears bursting out of my eye sockets.

You know when you’re just overwhelmed with love and joy and even a little sadness? That’s what I cried for.

I’m published in Poets & Writers! This is so exciting! The dreams live on. So fully.

Thank you Poets & Writers!!!

Ahem…look at her…look at me! 😉

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