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Look At Her Hits Amazon!


You can now purchase Look At Her online via! Please share with friends and family ACROSS THE WORLD! Laugh out loud!

Here’s the link:

Look At Her on Amazon

While you’re there…it’s important to note one small but BIG way you can impact a writer’s life – after you read the book, please visit amazon and/or Goodreads and offer your thoughts. You can click on the stars and give your rate or you can take a few moments to write a review/comment. This helps the author SO VERY MUCH because there are little elves who follow and monitor these types of things on the world wide web. Every star rating and comment HELPS SO MUCH. You could elevate a poet into BEST SELLER STATUS simply by sharing your thoughts on these sites. Something to think about…!

Oh, and THIS WEEK IS MY BOOK LAUNCH!!! THIS THURSDAY!!! (yes i’m yelling!)

The Deets:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

7pm – 9pm (arrive early to get your door prize ticket and a seat!)

Studio Theatre,  Jackman Dramatic Art Centre, University of Windsor

The building!

Map for parking:


Featuring The Empire Jazz Trio! And snacks…and so much fun!


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