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I’m literally shakin’ in my shoes, people! I can’t believe that my book launch is TOMORROW. After all the writing, editing, planning and organizing…the big day is TOMORROW.

I will be ready. I will be nervous. I will have a zoo of animals in my belly. I will feel like puking all day.

And then – I will step on stage and be HOME.

I love when that happens.

I will admit that it was difficult choosing a ‘set’ – the poems – to read. I want to both entertain and provoke. It’s a good challenge in balance. Plus, it was a solid challenge for the jazz trio to find music that matches the vibe of the poetry. We killed it though…and I’m quite certain that after this launch I’ll want to tour the world doing a spectacular jazz/poetry show. Who’s with me on this one?

I believe the trumpet is my soul sound.
Keys please!
Who knew a drum could be brushed so jazzily?
After three hours, we were spent.

I have a few more notes to make…my list of thank yous…and I have to iron my clothes…hopefully the berets have arrived from amazon…wait, what?

Did I mention I started ballet?!

One class in and I’m madly in love (and pain, but it hurts so good!)!

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Here’s a map…





  1. Hi Vanessa, I really look forward to your book launch tomorrow. Believe it or not I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you over the past couple of days about publications of poetry and I was reading an email sent out by the university and here your name pops up. I’m so excited for you! If you can’t connect the dots than you’ll know who I am once you see me tomorrow. I hope Goose and Meeper are doing well.

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  2. Hi Ashley! OOOo. I’m intrigued. I have an idea who you are! We’ll see if my instincts are correct! Thanks for reaching out! The kids are wonderful! See you tonight!


    1. I meant to get an email to you before I had to work but I get no reception in the education building on campus and I went straight from school to work. I got called in today and I was unable to make it to your book release… obviously, I wasn’t there. I really hope it went well. I was very excited to see you and sad I couldn’t make it. 😦 When are you normally available? I would love to give you a call or come see you guys soon. 🙂


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