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I can barely believe that tomorrow night’s reading will mark the FINAL stop on my short but mighty book tour! Oh friends! I’ve so much to reflect on…I’ve learned so much about myself…and this wild landscape we call ‘Canadian Literary’…

For now, I must stay focused on what is to happen – I will read with the incredible Ashley Elizabeth-Best, James Lindsay and Spencer Butt, and we will all be swooned by the one-and-only Pat Robitaille and his magical voice and gee-tar. Be prepared for me to offer a wrap-up speech. I’ll probably cry. In fact, I’m quite certain I’ll cry – for this has been an emotional experience for me! I started this tour promising to ‘be brave’….have I kept my word?

The fun begins at 7pm, so please arrive then…is that difficult for Torontonians?! In any case, the show will go on, and we want to entertain and blow your mind, so please show up! We’ll be selling our books as well – so SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POETS! It’s FREE, so um, use your hard earned dolla-dolla beels on buying our *signed* books. Christmas is coming and one of the best gifts we can give is a book of poetry or a CD of music. Or any art for that matter!

I gave myself an early holiday gift…an end of tour tattoo!

My hubby designed these roots as part of my book cover. I fell in love with the image and I knew I had to have it made into a tattoo! We added the word love – the most important word and thing in the world – and there you have it!
This is the chair I curled up in as artist Steve Jones went to work on my tattoo. It’s the hurt-so-good chair..that’s what I call it!
The before and after! It looks like I got a tan in the process!
Just before we were about to begin, I shifted in the chair and my palm found the one spot that could possibly cut me! Gah. Classic V. No problem. A little pain before the pain…

There you have it! My newest body art self-gift! Yes, it hurt…actually, it kinda burned. I squeezed my eyes and breathed hard a few times. I blurted a few obscenities too…but, ya know, it was all perfect poetry!

Thank you Steve A Jones at Pop Gallery on Ottawa Street!

I hope we have a big, fun crowd – won’t you be a part of it? See y’all tomorrow!

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