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Michael Dennis reviews ‘Look At Her’! A glowing, howling review!


Ottawa writer and book reviewer, Michael Dennis offer is 10 cents in review form of ‘Look At Her’! What I love about Michael’s reviews is how honest and candid they are! I’m so appreciative to make his list of books to review!!

Thank you so much Michael and the review team at Today’s Book of Poetry!

Here’s a line to get you excited…heeee

“Shields can sound like she is just celebrating sex, and she is, but only after she champions family, self-awareness and self-empowerment.  This isn’t a Kama Sutra but a primer on how women learn, mature, experience and dance with desire.”

For the review, CLICK HERE! And why not subscribe or follow Michael! If you love books, you’ll love his reviews!

If you are interested is sharing your thoughts on my book(s), please send me an email with them…shieldsvanessa@gmail.com or write a few words or click on some stars in Goodreads or on Amazon! Everything counts! Thank you for reading!

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