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Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write #12 – Twelve Kinds of Ice

I know, interesting title, right?

Here’s the prompt:

List-write by describing twelve kinds of something – 12 kinds of love, 12 kinds of heartbreak, 12 kinds of reward, 12 kinds of gratitude, etc.  Strive for a topic that really resonates with your life right now.

(Inspired by Ellen Bryan Obed’s (2012) Twelve Kinds of Ice)

Wicket from Word Well: Money (I chose this one because it ‘really resonates with my life right now’)

  1. Her money
  2. My money
  3. His money
  4. Our money
  5. Spending money
  6. Saving money
  7. Enough money
  8. Their money
  9. Future money
  10. Make money
  11. Some money
  12. No money

Boy, is there a load of subtext to each of these lines.

(Hi Irene!)

For funsies:

13. Tonight I make money!

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