On Writing

Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write #11 – Vowels

Write a free-verse vowel poem.

(Inspired by Julie Larios.)

Wicket from Word Well: YUCK (from Jett – and Miller yelled: Mama, what about sky?)

Vowel choice: sometimes Y (says Jett – what a guy. Ha. See what I did there?)


They ask why not

when they

should say

hey! why not ‘y’?

like a body with her arms

wyde up

yearning for the sky…

sometimes why is all you need

sometimes y is ryght

not yucky or yacky

eye mean, why shouldn’t we

bow down to ‘y’?

always why

stay in her wydness

she is for you

without her there is only

oh u.


(doh. i realize i didn’t include the work ‘yuck’ but included ‘sky’. I’ve made an edit!)

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