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Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write 17 – Corruption

The original photo. Circa 2003. I was either just married or not married yet. Living with my love. Learning to play guitar. It’s wild for me to see myself this way. I think…who is that young woman?

Find an old photo of yourself and tear it in half. Next, put the two pieces back together but not perfectly. That way, you should see a rough tear down the middle. This helps create visual character to the image. Glue these pieces down to a piece of paper, in your notebook perhaps. Cover slightly one side with paint or random bits of paper (i.e. collage).  Now write 2-3 words on this image to describe yourself – or, more to the point, this version of yourself. Choose words for the left and right side of the portrait.

This was not easy for me. It was hard to use only a few words…so I used more than that! I think I’ve captured how I feel…

I purposely avoided this prompt. It came and went…and I finally made time to work on it this morning. It was hard because a) I really do NOT like photos of myself b) I had to go looking for a photo of myself. Turned out to be easier than I thought. I grabbed the first bunch of loose photos I could find, and this photo was there. Waiting for me? I think so. c) I feel like photos do captured tiny bits of our souls…and if we have changed over time photographs are one way to SHOW this…I know I’ve changed, but I have also always been the same. Such is the duality of me. My two-ness. Also, I’m a Gemini and I know my twin lives in me all of the time.

This photo is significant to me now because it also captures a ‘me’ before kids. I can see the freedom (not that I don’t feel free as a mother. It’s just different.) of that in my nakedness, in the comfort of my body wrapped around the guitar, in the whist-full, wish-full, soft patience in my eyes. Also, my hair! It’s very straight and getting long.

I have a vague recollection of taking this photo at our apartment on Hanna Street in Windsor. We were in the dining room. ‘We’ was me and my girl Linda. I don’t know what prompted us to take the photos? Maybe I took some of her as well? Ah, how memory fades and shades.

The Wicket from Word Well was ‘two’.

What an interesting prompt…Thanks Rebecca!

More info: Wounded Writers Ask

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