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Wounded Writers Ask – Final Free Write….Late but oh well!

So the deal was that I write in response to a different writing prompt for 21 days in April. I think I made it to 17 when it all went to hell in a hand basket (this saying is said to come from the days of the guillotine – when criminals (bad people meant for hell?) had their heads chopped off and their head fell into a ‘hand basket’. It’s grotesque, right? I should probably change it since the meaning doesn’t really match what I want it to mean…but the meaning does intrigue me. So I’m leaving it.). Day 17 of National Poetry Month had me stumped for time…! I continued onward and managed to get to 20 before month’s end, but that left one writing prompt – #21! They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Well, I know I’ve the habit of writing everyday down pat (and this saying…from playing poker?) for years now, so I feel fine that I’ve…14 extra days to complete this fun on-line writing class!

Shall we, then?

Graph Your Life: In one or two lines, capture your life visually. Feel free to use the same sentence starter, “If I were to graph my life, it would…” and colon to offset the graphic image you give yourself. (From Leanne Delap in the magazine Glow.)

If I were to graph my life, it would resemble a body of water – flowing, ebbing, filled with mysterious creatures and giant whales – frolicking…self-sufficient, but also at the whim of Mother Nature and relationships with the other humans that interact with it. The garbage scares me…but I am apt to mingle with the mer-people and schools of fish and thought that will help make changes motivated by love for the water and each other.

This was fine, fun, engaging and existential journey. I highly recommend it!

Thank you best teacher ever – Rebecca Leigh – goddess of words and wounded writers.

Please take the time to look at Rebecca’s website and see what class fits your wounds!

Thank YOU for reading.

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