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The kids are at school.

The kids are at school! And so, here I am sitting at the dining room table, coffee in hand’s reach. I’ve already devoured two Eggos (w/ butter, peanut butter and a little bit of honey). I’ve got just over an hour before I have to scoot to the school to get Miller and take her to a dentist appointment. Just over an hour! Goodness that is some serious writing time!

I’ve been thinking of you! As the weather cools and my instinct to hunker down increases. Have you been watching this moon gather in size and light? I think it’s gonna be full very soon. We can howl at it any night now. I’m always up for a solid howl, and you?

I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to share with you…and so, here we go!

  1. A non-fiction piece I wrote about my Nonna is published in an anthology! Fear & Courage and Human Kindness (under the umbrella ‘Timeless Wisdom’ books) published by Exisle Publishing is being released in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom next month! Soon I will have hold copies in my hands…open them up, smell them. More on how you can purchase a book when the official publishing date arrives.
  2. A poem I wrote, also about my Nonna (bless her heart) is being published in The Banister, the Niagara Region’s arm of Canadian Authors’ Association’s newest poetry anthology. Yay!
  3. I’ve had the honour of being interviewed by two incredible women to speak about Gertrude’s Writing Room and the writing life. One is an on-line interview with the wonderful Deb Okun Hill – avid blogger, beautiful poet from Sarnia. And, I was invited to talk on The Nancy Duffy Show, a podcast created and hosted by the goddess herself, Nancy Duffy! You can have a read or listen to these HERE.
  4. And speaking of podcasts, the All Write in Sin City women recorded the conversation I had with writer Casey Plett at Biblioasis during the summer. It’s a two-parter, but I want to share the link with you because if you’re interested in Casey Plett, this is a wonderful piece to get to know her more, and it’s also an all-around fun interaction. We had many laughs! Listen to PART ONE HERE. Listen to PART TWO HERE.
  5. Workshops and classes at Gertrude’s Writing Room are going super well. The fall session is packed with exciting writing challenges and unique offerings. I’m learning from the teachers and other writers who are participating. The magic continues to happen and we are all writing. It’s amazing!


  • Granting season is upon us! I’m feverishly working on two children’s book manuscripts and some new poetry for the Ontario Arts Council Recommenders’ Grants, as well as a *new novel* that is pouring out of me like Penny-wise spit (‘It 2 reference) for a creation grant.
  • I’m still toiling away on my thimble poetry manuscript that is due to release in the spring of 2021.
  • Soon I’ll have copies of my self-published kids’ poetry book From A to Ziffery Zanks (illustrated by Glen Hawke) available.


I’m currently reading Nina George’s new novel The Book of Dreams. It’s a wild jump into the worlds between life and death. It’s soooo poetic and insightful and filled with all kinds of love.

I finished Circe by Madeline Miller over the summer. Gah. IN-CRED-I-BLE. I believe, I believe in Circe!

I found The Book of Polly by Kathy Hepinstall in a book bargain bin. What a gem! A stellar find that should be on a best-seller wall.

I have Elizabeth Gilbert’s City of Girls on deck (aka, the bedside table).

And…I’m doing loads of research for an upcoming poetry class at Gertrude’s…so I’m reading books on and/or by Leonard Cohen, Ani DiFranco, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Carole King, Joni Mitchell…mon dieu. It’s incredible.


I took Miller to her first concert! She’s a huge fan of Grace Vanderwaal – so much so that she even saved up to buy herself a ukulele. We witnessed this incredible talent at St. Andrew’s Hall in downtown Detroit – a classy, sassy venue where we were treated like queens! It was sooo much fun! Also, the opening act by, Patrick Martin, was a spectacular musical performance where the talent and love of love, love of music, love of dancing – so much love oozed out of this guy – it was impossible not to get up and dance and feel the emotion and joy. He didn’t stop smiling the whole time!

Miller was excited and nervous! She couldn’t wait to Grace – see photo below, her anticipation is palpable! We danced and sang along…it was a total blast! Can’t wait to share music with her again!

Scattered Ecstasies is this weekend. I was invited to participate in this multi-collaborative event again this year. I had the opportunity to work with seamstress and fibre artist Deborah Dunlop! I can’t wait to see and hear the final products of all this incredible talent!

Well…that’s a fine catch-up, I’d say!

Happy cuddling!

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