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The Words Will Come

The words will come.

Sometimes it takes years for our words to figure out how they’ll get out of our heads…how they’ll reach up from our souls and navigate a path to our fingertips.

But the words will come.

I want you to read these words and really feel them in your self because we can be hard on our creative spirits as we wait.

I met with a dear friend and brilliant writer just now. This person has had a book (at least one!) inside for years. A lifetime. And we’ve met on several occasions to figure out just how the words should come out. There have been many starts and many more stops. No ends in sight. And too many shoulds to count.

I know how this feels. I know what the starts and stops can do to a story. They can bury it deeper and deeper into those darks corners of ‘I Can’t’ or ‘Not Good Enough’ or ‘What’s The Point’ or ‘Who Am I Anyway’ or…the monster ‘It Doesn’t Matter’.


The words will come.

Say it out loud. Do it. Go into another room if you’re shy to say it out loud in the middle of your work space.

The words will come.

Because they are always there. Inside you. And guess what: you are the storyteller in your life.

I’m gonna say that again too:

You are the storyteller in your life.

So know that you’re not alone in your waiting.

Trust that the words will come. Receive them joyously whether they come in bursts or starts-and-stops or in painful journal entries or in instagram posts…the words are alive just.like.you.

Suddenly you will see it – the map of your story as created by the cartographer that is your soul.

The connections will be made between soul and fingertips.

The words will come.

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