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bodies of water #morningcoffeesessions

bodies of water

you ask about the body of water I love
I drift to Lake Erie – her rippled bottom sprouting seaweed hair in silky clumps
the way i become mermaid writhing in her rolling belly
there are the two oceans Pacific and Atlantic – each a sassy crone who tumbled
me under her lashing tongue     stole my sunglasses
there is the Okanagan river without a name – black and steady shy maiden
content with anonymity     I swam alone in her thighs but didn’t feel lonely
the mountains watched us frolic

water is easy to love

and then my skin 75% water gurgles what about?
my brain 85% water gushes you’re forgetting…
my heart 80% water waves your body!

I remember this body is a body of water
I move in her every waking moment
in sleep she brings in tides of dreams
that water knows me – how to protect regulate cushion
even as I act impervious is surely an indication of devotion

I am in the least 50% water at all times
should I not then naturally embrace gliding?
my bones 25% water – flotation devices nuzzling skin

and what of my River Vulva – current of moving waters
mouth expanding and releasing into pleasure pools?
how can I forget my own Lake Superior?
how melted coldness laps between
my shadowy terrains and shifting ridges?

what about the phenomenon of in the water?
fully immersed –
the pressure on my throat as air traps
the way my ears become beacons
widen to the interiors of earth’s vibrations
how fear slithers away searching for her school
this home between sky and land holds me
is responsible for my soul’s education
breathless I feel more alive – in the water
not under except maybe…under her spell
these bodies that my body can go in
these waters are easy to love

yet – this body
the body of water I live in
why is it so difficult to love?

Thank you Chris at Firefly Creative Writing. I’m loving these #morningcoffeesessions.

If you’re noticing that some of my posts are disappearing…it’s because I’m pulling them so I can submit the poetry that’s within…if you’re not noticing, that’s fine too!

Monday. Another. This week Jett graduations from elementary school. He shared the valedictorian speech with a schoolmate. We look forward to watching the graduation video on Wednesday. Congratulations to all those graduating!

Peace and love to all.

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