On Writing

Poem 76 – Getting Up Earlier

Getting Up Earlier

attempts to get up earlier are successful but woozy
are their lullabies for the dawn?
the song in my brain sings s l e e p

it is so beautiful in the dark – under the spell
of dreams still living
I am at the beach with Amy Poehler

in a garage bulging with cobwebs & treasures
my body wants to push deeper into the warmth
but some other me lifts my bones carries

me into the unfastening of night
the spaces are different in their ownership of Time
I trust there is something important to learn

in this house when the other bodies are still still
if only to watch the sun’s rays point through
the windows at things I haven’t seen before

the heart shape of the clump of dog hair in the corner
the owl art piece leaning against the dusty picture frame
like a sigh on a shoulder – robust relieved reflective

Feeling much better this morning. My guts are calm. My mind is quiet…quiet-er! The day is open before me…inviting. Though there are lots of things on the To-Do list, I feel like I can achieve them. And, if not, that’s okay too.

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