On Writing

Poem 125 – Go At It Gannet

Go At It Gannet

“…I found my book White Magic in the cadavers of abandoned drafts, and I resurrected them…” from ‘The Craft of Writing’ by Elissa Washuta, LitHub, May 4, 2021

I must go at it gannet: 
increase my courage force exponentially
rage lovingly at the white-sea page before


into it
subjecting myself to the enormous danger of exposition
I must rely on my body to handle with graceful willingness
the possibilities of breaking

then feast on the cadavers of my past & resurrect
what has been buried for decades…lifetimes

what remains – excavated with curious care

RESEARCH: Thank you, Charis, for showing me the gannets zooming in the Western Bay sky yesterday. If you’ve never seen a gannet, please WATCH THIS VIDEO.

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