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Poem 139 – occupation


it is migratory
the curiosity
tucking under a lymph node
camping in a shoulder blade
climbing a femur
but when it unpacks
right down to its delicates
writes a rent cheque
buys groceries
it removes its skin & shows its
true self: sadness

with bulging eyes for weeping
hands oversized like porcelain pasta bowls
filled with unanswered questions
how did this happen?
how long will it last? 
do you still love me?

love…is insecure here
a magician’s assistant without rehearsal
& the water tank is full & love can’t breathe
for the throat chain of fear – tightening

it’s incredible the shape-shifting
the landlord tenant act thrashing 
in the chambers of my heart
that is the organ that sadness occupies

I plead for a lease break
flash a wad of useless cash
hunt for curiosity’s clothing & baggage

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One thought on “Poem 139 – occupation

  1. Hugs ♥

    On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 9:45 AM VANESSA SHIELDS, writer wrote:

    > Vanessa Shields posted: ” occupation it is migratorythe curiositytucking > under a lymph nodecamping in a shoulder bladeclimbing a femurbut when it > unpacksright down to its delicateswrites a rent chequebuys groceriesit > removes its skin & shows itstrue self: sadness with b” >


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