On Writing

Poem 163 – Dear poem

Dear poem

I made a choice 
to make us wait to 
roll off the shoulder 
of the morning 
stand tall & face with a smile
the heat-heavy centre of noon
wave as she passes on the wink
of a flirty wind then forward bend
into the belly of the five o’clock hour

& gather our wits in the shower
steam swirls fattening after this
full day of purging & cleaning 
the house & the mind 
pleasure delaying our daily relation
this ink & paper intercourse of
poetic propulsion persisting…

I feel you differently here
in the yawning mouth of eve
inhaling toward night 
soon the dark will tow the moon
over my head & my word play
will tip-toe into dreamland &

you will greet me like a lover’s
tongue on the tip of another 
waking hour & 
I will choose you again
dear poem

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