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Poem 187 – Two more bracelets

Two more bracelets

smokey quartz
tiger eye
my wrists adorned
with trust in the
heartbeats of
stones the earth
has held for eternities

these shiny spheres
worlds of energies
to gather my worries
show them how to
be infinite
to be so alive
in their repetitive
letting go is
dizzy freedom –

a necessary choice
to disengage time
a thrilling way to
exhale to feel
the frothy rush of
courage flowing
like rapids deep
deep deep under
my soles

this way
whether I
walk or fly
crawl or fall
I am always in
universal utero
an integral part
of the grand

My throat is closed. My voice, by choice, is resting. It’s all my strength to type with these fingers when all they want to do is hold up a book to read, flip through a magazine, and hold a pen and write in my journal (finish that letter…). Quiet is my landscape today. To reflect. To receive. To respect the sacred messages that come after a writing retreat…that stew and speak after a week of intense conversations, rolling laughter, and writing on the buddha belly of dreams. (Thank you, Charis.) (Thank you, Tracey.)

2 thoughts on “Poem 187 – Two more bracelets

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    On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 1:22 PM VANESSA SHIELDS, writer wrote:

    > Vanessa Shields posted: ” Two more bracelets smokey quartztiger eyemy > wrists adornedwith trust in theheartbeats ofstones the earthhas held for > eternities these shiny spheresworlds of energiesto gather my worriesshow > them how tobe infiniteto be so alivein their repetitivespi” >

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