On Writing

Poem 194 – Elegy for the Morning

Elegy for the Morning

Oh humid-heavy hours
Frothing off dawn’s rounded cheek
I gave in to more dreams
& awoke feeling weak

Too delicate to bless your
Entrance with my heart
To put to page my devotion
In such poetic art

Before I could admire your
Dazzling morning’s grace
I rushed to dress &
Leave my humble place

Into the ruddy hours ten to noon
You slipped by me – shadowed boon

You see the morning’s role
In every day
Is to expand the soul
Through gentle sway

But now I’ve missed
Your joyful thrust
I will mourn you like
A lover mourns her lust

I’ll whimper through
To drowsy darking eve
& wake to be tomorrow’s
Heart upon your sleeve


Do drop by and say hello! See the space! Take a seat and read whilst sipping a hot tea or coffee. Bite into a fresh croissant and let the Paris vibe take you away!

Gertrude’s Writing Room is located in the heart of Willistead Park!

Look for the big sign, the bistro table and the pull of creativity!

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