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Poem 195 – Prayer for Opening Day

Prayer for Opening Day

please bless this space
with joy and grace
as we gather to write & read
let us build community
& blossom our special seed

in little nooks filled with books
& crannies filled with treats
let laughter paint the walls
with love & friendly greets

this open house is
for our souls to play
& learn & grow
let inspiration burst
our hearts & teach
us how to glow!

The Croissants are Delicious!

The big day has arrived! Gertrude’s Writing Room is [re]open for gathering! Up to 8 writers can gather in the space! Join us for free coffee, tea and buttery croissants! 10am- 3pm! For the rest of July on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

I’m feeling very joyful that this day has arrived! We’re going with the slow and steady flow!

Happy writing!

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