On Writing

Poem 256 – One Thing At A Time & Reminders

One Thing At A Time

Hear the alarm
Snooze it
Finish the bizarre dream
Hear the alarm again
Sit up
Rub eyes
Hear the soundtrack fade in
The symphony of waking
The crackle of electricity
The churn of marrow
The waft of blood
The moan of muscle
All this and more led
By multiple conductors
Voices like batons
Guiding lyrics into now

Do this
Then this
Even though it feels like more
It is one thing at a time

Pick up the pen
Open the journal
Unwrap the words
Write the poem

Reminder! Workshops! Events!

You Have Until Tomorrow at midnight to submit!

Our poetry call on the theme of community closes tomorrow at midnight. If you haven’t already, do write a poem about what community means to you!


*Did you know we’ve had submissions from Poland, India, the United States and Windsor/Essex? Isn’t that a beautifully vast community?!

Embrace Your Voice Virtual Workshop this Friday!

The first of two free virtual workshop with Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario begins this Friday evening! Able-bodied allies are welcome! Let’s learn and embrace our voices together!

REGISTER AT:www.surveymonkey.com/r/ALSOEVWorkshopor contact Evelina 226-759-8014 or EvelinaBaczewska@alsogroup.orgRegistration closes on Thursday, September 16 at 4:30 pm

Youth Poet Laureate Reading This Saturday!

Discover the unique voice and beautiful melody of Windsor’s Youth Poet Laureate Alexei Ungurenasu this Saturday from 11am-1pm at Cafe Amor & Art (1557 Ottawa St, Windsor, ON N8X 2G3).

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