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Poem 364 – Yes


“…if you say something and really mean it – that is poetry…” adapted quote by Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write

Yes to intention!
Yes to profoundly feeling!
Yes to the wild-ocean deepness of paying attention!

To grabbing hold to shaking stirring breaking!
To scavenging the darkness!
To picking up the sharpest pieces of Living &
holding each spectrum to the light!
Yes to wandering the unpredictable terrain of Now!
Barefoot bare-bottomed bare-souled
deliciously naked & dripping onto the page!

To dancing with Love & Loving the sweet
symphonies of surrender – how wounds
weep words so beautifully…

Yes to poetry!

That’s nearly a year…

Tomorrow will be my last day of writing a poem a day. What a wild storm of feelings inside my brain! I feel elation and exhaustion equally! I feel…well, proud and inspired. It was harder than I though it would be on some days. On others, it was like letting out a deep sigh. I can see that the poems I’ve written are different…in form and style and voice…that I did a weaving in and out of emotions, weather, nature, reflection, silliness, grief, love, family, contemplation…Some poems lived in my body for days before emerging whilst others slipped off my fingertips so quickly I barely remember writing them…

What happens now? I will have three-hundred and sixty-five poems to play with! To revise. To organize. To submit. To use as inspiration for more poetry…to look back on and see a snippet of my life in a poem from the year 2021. This is a fine, fine ending/beginning of a year, I’d say. This is a magical place to experience because as it is complete so it is also an immediate beginning for the life of these poems beyond the blog.

I know what I’m going to do next. It will still be a ‘per-day’ writing exercise. I will still create the little designs. Come January 1, 2022, you’ll get the first bite of this new writing endeavour. I’m nervous and excited…just like I was when I started out last year. Want to remember? Click here for the first day of my poem-a-day adventure January 1, 2021.

Are you reflecting on this past year? Are you making plans, goals, idea lists for 2022? Does an end to one year and the start of the next compel you to contemplate your light? Or are these a series of days a bit busier, a bit noisier, a big sugar-ier than usual? Whatever it may be…here’s to you being loved, loving what you’re doing, loving who you’re with…and wishing you the joyful magic of poetry in each day!

5 thoughts on “Poem 364 – Yes

  1. Congratulations – you did it!! I’m so proud of you🥰

    Happy New Year🥳 & I look forward to enjoying your new endeavour each & every day❤️

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