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Moon, Musings & Mermaids

The prompt:

Here is one of the writing prompts from our morning Yin write. Write three words that describe this time of year for you. My response came in poetry.


…the darkness is getting softer
her cloak is thinning
the stars & moon are beginning
to take hold of her
gently pull her back –

inside her shadows are scrambling


When will spring open her arms?
Bring her bounty of warmth
Moisten the ground & feed the seeds
With her sweet murmurs of new beginnings?


My body swings between snowflakes & raindrops
Crouches into snow squalls & wind gusts

I am curved – an arrow pointing to change
My skin speaks ‘enough, enough, enough’
A mantra of hope, its yearning centre
Desperate for heat so I can shed –
Feel the sun’s lips kissing my naked body
In the throes of a summer high noon

Sizzle – I want to sizzle again

Snow Moon

The Snow Moon graced our sky yesterday, and though I didn’t see her under the fat rain clouds, I certainly felt her charged Leo energy roaring for hope, change, creativity, fresh beginnings. I can feel Spring lifting up her skirts, putting on her polka-dot rain boots. Can you feel it too? Can you smell her perfume? I’ve caught her scent when I opened the kitchen window because I burned the garlic (again)…she was made her way up my nostrils and reminded me to laugh at my continued learnings (and failures) with food.

All the energy of this time is telling me to flow. This is a challenge as I am a planner, a goal-setter, ambitious to emotional outbreak. I am a professional worrier who is changing careers in this regard!

My days are filled with grant applications, talking with writers, listening to friends, laughing with family. I am in waiting…the gestation of new beginnings moves around my body like a squirmy snake. A nice snake.

And there’s this: me back in the pool for mermaid swimming! Thank you, Mariette, for urging me to jump back in.

Onward, friends…peacefully, kindly, magically.

5 thoughts on “Moon, Musings & Mermaids

  1. Thanks Vanessa ! This is great! I have a “ moon photo” that I wrote about for Christopher. I’ll send it later. Next month finishes my Laureate! Hope you apply! It’s time for some celebration! Time for these “ 20’s to roar” And I want the “ Trump Trucks” gone! I wrote a poem, but it was considered to be a volatile time, and I was advised not to post it. I hear Anne Jarvis of the Star has had death threats. Anne is tough, ready for this!

    There will be flowers and bird-song! There will be music, all the poetry of Dance!

    Sent from my iPad



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