Hello, I’ve missed you!

My dearests! It’s been so long! My apologies! Do let me catch you up on this lovely, fat-with-fun-and-love summer that I’m having. Nope, I can’t believe it’s mid-August either. What can we do but fill each day to its fullest – even if the filling is lying on the sofa or sitting in a beach … Continue reading Hello, I’ve missed you!


Grand Opening of Gertrude’s Writing Room – Pics and More!

We had a wonderful, busy, exciting grand opening at 628 Monmouth this past weekend to celebrate RW Studios, AmlinDesign and Gertrude's Writing Room officially opening our doors! It's a great honour to be sharing such a beautifully creative space with Greg and Mary Lou! To find out more about RW Studios - click here! To … Continue reading Grand Opening of Gertrude’s Writing Room – Pics and More!

Grand Opening – Gertrude’s Writing Room – Secret Revealed!

    It's happening, friends. It's really happening! #dreamscometrue This is my big secret revealed!  I'm opening a creative writing school called Gertrude's Writing Room.  Here's the website: http://www.gertrudeswritingroom.com SQUEEEEEEEE! This is what I've been working on all year. Surprise! Can't wait to play and learn and write with you!