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Today’s the day I sell and sign my NEW book I Am That Woman! I’m super excited to get this book into the world! As always, I’m nervous too! But the elephants haven’t started stomping in my belly, only the fluttering butterflies!

I’m also selling my other books: Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy and Poetry on Demand Vol. 1 and 2 (pssst…Vol. 3 is in the works…and so is the Tall Ships special edition  !). Everything is ON SALE! CASH ONLY PLEASE!!

I do hope you can join me today…but if you can’t – don’t sweat it. Not even one bit because the actual BOOK LAUNCH takes place on Thursday, January 23, 2014. We’re planning a HUGE PARTY!

Stay connected to all things I Am That Woman on my Facebook Page.

Thank you!! And drive safely…that’s a wicked snow storm out there!!

2 thoughts on “TODAY’S THE DAY! GIANT BOOK SALE – Including I AM THAT WOMAN!

  1. Sorry to miss your pre-launch sale today, Vanessa. The weather’s just too risky. It’s a hunker in my bunker kind of day. But your launch date is in my day book! It will, of course, be spectacular!


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