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OH EM GEE-ON-GHOMESHI – Mission Update!

My mission to be on Jian Ghomeshi’s radio show ‘Q’ is moving along quite well, I believe.

To catch you up on all the action that’s been going on, you can scroll down and see what I’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter.

A GINORMOUS THANK YOU from my heart goes out to everyone who’s been tweeting and posting on my behalf! We’re making noise, yo! And I know it’s gonna make Jian pay attention!

I’ve managed to do some sleuthing and get some names of folks on the ‘Q‘ production team. As well, a Facebook friend may have the direct hook-up I’ve been hoping for so that when I send my package (details of what’s in it to follow!), it will get into Jian’s hands.

GAH! I get all giddy just thinking about what this could mean! And then I want to barf (in a good way). And then I want to jump up and down and hug everyone! I think we’re close people. Really close to making this happen!

What I’ve been doing is posting Tweets and Facebook messages that you (dear friends and supporters!) can copy and paste and send to Jian. Here’s the list so far…some have photos to go along with the text!


What if y’all helped me get on Jian Ghomeshi’s stellar CBC Radio One show, Q with Jian Ghomeshi? I’m on a misson – to get his attention, get my new book I Am That Woman in his hands and heart, and get on his show! Are you with me? Think we can do it?


First of all – Y’ALL ARE AWESOME! second of all – i think we can do this – oh-em-JIAN!!! right? i’ll outline ‘the plan’ shortly in a blog post…and then we can work together to make it happen. are y’all into ‘tweeting’ to him for me? and FB-messaging/posting to him for me? I’ll build the tweets and posts…all you have to do is copy and paste, baby!


Today’s Facebook Message for Jian Ghomeshi. Please post this on his Facebook Page along with the cover image of my book!:
So Pharrell’s up next – and we’re psyched for the show, but there’s someone else we think you should know! Her name’s Vanessa Shields and she’s a mom and a poet. Have you read her new book? You’ll totally love it!

TODAY’S TWEET FOR JIAN GHOMESHI: *Copy and paste this tweet, and please include the attached photo of the cover of my book! THANK YOU!
@jianghomeshi Since you love to read, we feel the need, to bring your attention to @AuthorVanessa Shields.#IAmThatWoman


*Sleuth finding: Ashley Poitevin is Ghomeshi’s assistant. At least, I thinks she is! I read her name in an article that said as much. I Facebook messaged her but have not heard back yet.

Today’s tweet/FB for Jian Ghomeshi. Please include the link in the tweet/FB Message! THANK YOU!
@jianghomishi @ashleypoitevin @AuthorVanessa Shields is trying to connect! Read this!

*And then I linked to my website for this post.


Today’s Tweet for Jian Ghomeshi *please include photo!:
@jianghomeshi @ashleypoitevin Hope Sochi is fab! Safe travels there and back. @AuthorVanessa’s new book is whack. #IAmThatWoman


Today’s Tweet/FB message for Jian Ghomeshi (I’ve been including his assistant in the tweets too – that’s the other name!) please include the photo as well!:
@jianghomeshi @ashleypoitevin If @AuthorVanessa was in the poetry olympics, she’d take home the GOLD!#Iamthatwoman


Today’s Tweet/FB post for Jian Ghomeshi:
@jianghomeshi @ashleypoitevin April is poetry month. @AuthorVanessa wants to talk poetry on your show.#IAmThatWoman


*I reposted the same photo because…well, I really love it!

Today’s Tweet/FB message to Jian Ghomeshi *with photo if you can!:@jianghomeshi @ashleypoitevin Let @AuthorVanessa ‘s poetry keep you warm. It’s cold in Sochi!#IAmThatWoman


Today you get TWO options for Jian Ghomeshi! Here’s one:
@jianghomeshi @CBCRadioQ A message from David Bowie (via @AuthorVanessa) #Iamthatwoman

Here’s another message for Jian Ghomeshi:
@jianghomeshi @CBCRadioQ I’ve read her poetry. This is true. Dare to have her on your show. #Iamthatwoman

That’s where I’m at now…I really hope he sees my Beyonce pic…

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not being consistent with my hashtags! Sometimes they’re #iamthatwoman all lower case, while others they’re #IAmThatWoman with some capitals…I have to pay attention!

People are pasting these messages onto Jian’s Facebook page. I think you can’t add a photo though. And, not many of us are on Twitter so I’ve been posting these messages as well as some others of my own…

Here are some photos that I’ve Tweeted to Jian on my own…

This is pic of the tape and tape recorder I’ll be including in the package I send to Jian. I’m reading his book, 1982, and since it’s his favourite year, I thought it would be nostalgically nice to send a tape-recorded message to him…

This is a pic of his book as I’m reading it…

This is a pic of the adidas bag I think he wrote about…again, a shout out to his book…

This is a pic I sent that shows a peek into my life – including his book, a rejection form from the Ontario Arts Council Writers Reserve Grant (I’ve been getting one a week…no worries), an Olympic torch that Jett made, and general messy-ness. This tweet garnered a favourite from Descant! What?! So cool!

Also on Superbowl Sunday I responded to a tweet Serena Ryder made – AND SHE RETWEETED IT AND RESPONDED!! So exciting!

If you read back in my posts, you’ll see that I was all ‘Twitter sucks’ (say with high-pitched, highly-sarcastic voice)…but I realize that it does have impact when one is trying to get attention and make a connection…It’s weird, but I’ve started thinking in ‘tweet’ – short, somewhat clever lines. It’s kinda poetic, really. Or it can be. So mama’s an official tweeter now. It happens. 🙂

What will happen next is this:

I prepare a spectacularly cool and unique package for Jian. (I’ll take you on this journey with me.)

I get a contact to send it to on his show (my peeps and sleuthing skills are working on this one!) with a verbal (or written) promise to hand the package to Jian upon his return from Sochi.

I mail the package.

I await a response of ‘received’.

I await a phone call (or email?) about what happens next…and I try not to freak out in the interim.

Feeling a little bit like this again…

…but I’ll be okay.

Thank you again for all your help and support in making this dream come to life!


8 thoughts on “OH EM GEE-ON-GHOMESHI – Mission Update!

  1. Nobody, I mean NOBODY can self-promote like you, Vanessa! Your plan is brilliant. Really, how can he resist? If there’s anything more I can do, let me know. Twinkle twinkle little star – time to shine!


    1. Thanks Penny-Anne! Gah! I hope he ‘notices’ me and reads my book! That’s the big challenge! Thanks for your support, as always! Hugs!


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