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OH -EM-GEE-AN GHOMESHI! The final throws!

After over three months of consistent (harassment) self-promotional Tweeting and emailing with the ‘Q’ team and Mr. Ghomeshi himself, I received an official ‘you-will-not-be-on-the-show-at-this-time’ email.

Here’s the history of my mission to be on ‘Q’ with Jian Ghomeshi.

And here’s an update once the mission began.

And still here’s the info about the package I sent to him.

On February 19th, the package arrived.

And I waited.

And tweeted.

And waited.

And had a few back-and-forths with the producers from his team.

Until May 16th – four days before my ‘almost’ reading in Toronto – I received a message from his producer via email, with a subject line of ‘Regrets’.

Her email was gentle, kind, informative and hopeful. And, she read my book (I Am That Woman) and had this to say:

I really enjoyed your poetry. It was so alive, visceral, and joyful.

Turns out the challenge is fitting my book into the show in a way that’s creative and timely…but, and I quote, “It’s a worthy challenge”.

There was a whole load of stuff in the package I sent, so one of the things in the email was a question about returning the package to me. I had planned on picking it up when I went to Toronto for a poetry reading (which didn’t end up happening – blog about this to follow), and my friend ended up (Thank you Helen!) picking it up for me, and mailing back to me.

Inside was the this postcard from the man himself:

So that happened!

I was *jump-up-and-down* thrilled to receive this post card – signed by Jian…and with such a lovely note.

I intend on framing it (is that weird? Too bad.).

You know, the message on the note seems sincere and vibrant…and I’m not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth (in fact, I’m trying to jump on the horse and ride it to famous-town!), but the thing is…everything else I sent in the package was still in the package upon its return. Including my books. I do wish that my books stayed in the ‘Q’ studio. Perhaps in the bathroom…for Jian to pick-up and read…again.

Overall, what I’ve learned from this ‘mission’ is that it’s super difficult to get on ‘Q’ – at least at the level I’m at right now. I haven’t won any awards, I haven’t sold a load of books or made ‘best-seller’, I haven’t had any national recognition, and the subject matter of my book(s) isn’t…how to do I put it – important enough on its own to garner his attention. Mama is looking for a proverbial ‘bone’ from the J-man (not that kinda bone. Gutters, people. Get yer head outta them!).

Now, please know that despite the list of ‘not-good-enough’ reasons I’ve just listed, I in no way feel that my work is ‘not-good-enough’ or not relevant or not something to talk about on a radio show. I know that who I am and what I have to say in the form of some kick-ass poetry is making its way into the homes and hearts of many a-reader – and changing how people feel about poetry, one book sale/reading at a time. And I’m totally great with this.

I will meet Jian. It will happen. He’ll answer my tweets one day. And more.

Just like I know I’ll meet Tom Cruise. And work with him. And I’ll be at the Academy Awards because I’ll be nominated for a Best Original Screenplay award…Lookit, mama has *massive* dreams and they’re gonna come true one way or another. (Got that Jian?)

I’ll look at his note every day as I sit down and write or blog or self-promote, and let his cute little star and double exclamation marks motivate me to dream big and not give up.

One day, Jian. We’ll cop-a-squat on some freshly cut grass and talk poetry.

Vanessa out.

2 thoughts on “OH -EM-GEE-AN GHOMESHI! The final throws!

  1. I think there may have been a simple misunderstanding regarding your books. Since you requested the return of the package, they must have assumed you meant the contents as well. And remember, “not at this time” is very close to “next time” and worlds away from “never.” πŸ™‚


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