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A Poetic Reader Review of ‘I Am That Woman’

It is responses like this one that keep my heart full and my soul brave – that keep me motivated to write poetry that I hope makes an impact. In this case it has. And…a man wrote this. Amen. Thank you, Andrew!

Andrew’s review of my poetry and I Am That Woman.

you confront us, Vanessa.

we are told women are whores or virgins.
the asexual mother or the over-sexual slut.
mary mother of jesus or mary magdalene
(see my catholic guilt oozing onto the page)

and you present us with all of you.
you challenge us with all of you.
you, and your poetry, do not fit neatly into a category.
the overworked mother,
the heroine,
the housewife,
the slut,
the lover,
the bad bitch, strong bitch, bossy bitch, bottom bitch (etc)
the vulnerable damsel in distress
or the all powerful Goddess.

you simply can’t fit neatly and precisely into one of these labels
or categories.

you fling in our face
the messy truth
which is that you are all of them,
have been all of them,
are infinitely more,
and will be infinitely more.

you are human.
you are woman.

you are indeed,
‘that woman.’

3 thoughts on “A Poetic Reader Review of ‘I Am That Woman’

  1. On a sun shining day like today, reading a review like that, makes the whole world right! Wonderful.
    ‘Hope you are writing, my friend!


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