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Oh Boy. I’m not dead, I’m just finishing my novel. #Hangman

Friends and family…sweet jeebus. I’m here. I’m alive. I’m finishing my novel and that is keeping we away from all this…all this social media…and other fine things the world has to offer.

See…it’s been a long time since the idea for my novel #hangman was born. And what feels like 17.567 million eternities since I’ve started writing and writing and writing…and now editing and editing and editing…and see I’ve become acutely aware of the word ‘no’ and that is it, indeed, the first part of the word NOvel. If I’m going to finish this sucker, then I have to keep saying NO.

NO to this blog and the reedonkulous amount of ideas that I have for posts as well as the staggeringly LATE posts I need to finish. (Throat grovel – Chris Hadfield!!!!)

NO to writing contest invitations that fill my inbox everyday that I really wanna submit to but stop myself.

NO to emails and Facebook and Twitter….

What I’m not saying NO to is the following:

a) the hubby and the kids – I mean, it’s all for them so they come first. Hands down. And they hug me. A lot. And that’s the best. Ever. Especially when it’s 1,000 below zero.

b) reading memoirs – can’t get enough…Andrea Martin, Cheryl Strayed, Amy Poehler, Martin Short

c) eating and sleeping

d) movies

Apparently, my brain desires romantic films, stories in book form about strong women and men who are doing funny and outrageous things, water (I’ve been back in the pool swimming…who knew?), Jillian Michaels (I like it when she yells at me), jogging pants, scarves, pasta, chocolate, snuggling, incense, sage and a very, very messy office when it’s unloading a (n award-winning, soon-to-be-made-into-a-feature-film-starring-tom-cruise) novel. Hmm.

That’s where I’m at people. Be with me in spirit ’cause that’s where I need you most. When I thank ‘all those people who were with me in spirit and in voice and in hugs’ in the acknowledgements of my book – feel warm and fuzzy ‘cuz I be talkin’ ’bout y’all.

Thank you graphic artist Corey Futko for creating the amazing banner of me working on my novel.

Talk soon…

3 thoughts on “Oh Boy. I’m not dead, I’m just finishing my novel. #Hangman

  1. I commend your ability to say No!! Good for you. Can’t wait until it’s done. You’ve left me with the biggest cliff hanger, ever!


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