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The Novel Is Complete!!!! (With Video!)

Did I wake you this morning? Did you hear me scream and jump up and down this morning at 2:30am?!!

Okay, so I didn’t do my screaming and jumping up and down until about 9:45am this morning.

But when I finished, when I saved the 434-page document and scrolled through it one last time…this is what I felt. I made a video for you…and for me, to remember!

Vanessa Finishes Editing Her Novel!

Now, I know I’ve been saying ‘I’m almost finished’ for, like, 6 months…and I was! The back end of the story needed the most work. I edited out over 60 pages…and had to write a whole new ending. But I’m very, very happy with the new ending. It’s stronger, faster-paced and will leave you hanging. (Pun intended.)

The process for career qwan (see Jerry Maguire – book deal, book tour, movies) forges onward. Now, the agent reads Hangman. I wait. Finish the other writing things I’ve not been working on whilst I’ve been finishing my novel (yikes)…and I hope and wish that the agent *LOVES* it and wants to rep me.

You’ll DEFINITELY hear me scream when that happens. Then you’ll hear me sobbing. Happy tears, of course. And yes, I’m very aware that even then, there is so much more work to do…and the qwan won’t be exactly in my hands, but I’ll be able to tickle its outer edge. Indeed.



5 thoughts on “The Novel Is Complete!!!! (With Video!)

  1. Congratulations! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely AWESOME achievement! So happy for you, V! This entitles you to get some rest, treat yourself to something decadent to eat, and look insufferably proud of yourself for the rest of the week!


  2. I am in awe of you and the work ethic you have about writing!! So thrilled for you! So proud of you! So inspired by you, Author Vanessa Shields!

    Much love and virtual celebratory chocolate,


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