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Look At Her – Official Title and Cover Teaser! FYEO


(FYEO = FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – My lovelies who support me and this wacky writing life I live and love!)

My new book of poetry (Black Moss Press, September 2016)…ooooooo she’s coming along. She’s coming along so very well!

It’s official! The title is LOOK AT HER. Squeeee! We had thought about maybe Paper Girl…and The Ruby Between My Thighs…or even maybe In Need of Remembering…but LOOK AT HER is the title that belongs.

I’ve offered a cover tease…leaving out colours…and the fine details to pleasure delay. You’re welcome.


Yes, we are right on track in terms of achieving our goals towards publication. We’re putting final touches on the interior and exterior…and I’m working on my sweet little book tour that I’ll adventure out on in October.

Thank you for all your support, family and friends. It is no small feat writing a book…editing and revising…and publishing and planning for the big launch (September – date to come soon!) and book tour. But I LOVE IT!!

And I know you do too. So many of you are writers as well, so you understand on a cell-level how it feels to participate in this process.

Thank you Marty, dear publisher, for sticking with me all these years. And for honouring my love of the word (and actual body part!) vagina. Oh yes. She is back in LOOK AT HER.

More to come.

4 thoughts on “Look At Her – Official Title and Cover Teaser! FYEO

  1. Gotta say we all love “The Ruby between my Thighs” but also love “Look at Her.” In the spirit of compromise, how about “Look at The the Ruby Between her Thighs”?? It would appeal to a male audience – the voyeurs; just sayin’. Oh those darned rubies…

    We love and miss you guys. Let’s get stupid together sometime soon.




  2. This is exciting! Thanks for the peeks.
    That’s a great title, looking forward to your launch, Vanessa!
    Good luck in Toronto.


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