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Me and The Empire Jazz Trio – Matthrew Brunke, Mark Calcott and Adam Thompson. Photo by Simon Edwards at Snapd.
Marty Gervais, friend, editor, publisher, partner in poetic crime!

With my book launch a couple of weeks behind me…yet still alive in my bones, I’ve been moving forward with my book tour. It’s been a blast and I know it will continue to be! Folks have suggested that the trio and I create a show – a poetry-jazz show! I’m open for a conversation about this!  Ha, we’ll see what we can do. One person, poet Courtney King, was inspired enough to write a poem about her experience of the launch! #blushing!

Centred in the circle
Of the rainbow lighted
Surrounded by
Her minstrels
By their musical
Is the faerie god
Of spoken word

She is all that is sexy
And all that is wholesome
Her vocalizations are
What the ancients called

Not Mensa
Not academic
But pure
Straight from the
Muses mouth
Our forearms betray us
And stand in solute

To the truth

Emotional truth
The truth of a moment
A feeling
Or heinous
Both twisted together
Like the tapestries we create
A faded dream scape
These words are

Barely connected
They tell strange
Parts of strange

Intense for a moment
And fade into
Before the living
Really begins
To begin

After the launch, the next stop on my tour was in Windsor at Storytellers Bookstore on Sunday, October 2. Joined by Marty Gervais, Andre Narbonne, Mary Ann Mulhern, D.A. Lockhart, Laurence Hutchman, Peter Hrastovec and John B. Lee – all Black Moss Press authors – we read poetry and prose to a healthy-sized audience with great energy and attention! We sold books with the help of Alicia from the press, and Storytellers Bookstore owners Linda and Earl had snacks and wine on-hand. Super fabulous!

All set up! A great spot for doing a reading! Storytellers Bookstore!
The whole fam-damily!

The next stop was on Monday, October 3, in Hazel  Park, Michigan at the Phoenix Cafe. I’d always wanted to read poetry in Michigan…and I want to again! I think for many of us, it was our first cross-border poetry reading. Many of us spent the day in Detroit adventuring, taking photos and being inspired by the history and creativity of the city.

The Phoenix Cafe, Hazel Park, MI. Thank you Steve!

And we had the fabulous chance of hearing the wonderful Carmel Liburdi on acoustic guitar, singing her sassy heart out. Her new album Patron Saints of the Ordinary is a kick-ass collection. Her vibe matched our poetry! It was magical!

Here are some pics I snapped as everyone was reading. The stage was lit with a red light…very appropriate!

Though the audience was made up of moms and spouses, it was also made up of poets who over the course of two days on shared stages were becoming fast friends and fans.

Thank you poets! Thank you audiences! This might book tour is on fire!

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