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Podcast Interview for LAH – With Nancy Duffy!


I am weary…hesitant…shy (?!) to post video from my book launch. I have it…but I’m holding it close. I have to think about why I’m not quick to post it…or start a youtube channel of me performing my poetry. It’s something I think about…that people ask me about and/or suggest I do…but I just can’t…I’ll tackle this subject in another blog post, but I tell you, I will post my voice! I will happily post my voice in podcast form or radio interview. I’ve taken a quiet liking to my seven-year-old sound voice, especially when my words are quite eloquent and,well, grown up! Who knew? (Don’t repeat that I said I sound grown up. I only sound grown up..sometimes!)

When ‘I Am That Woman’ came out, the fabulous Nancy Duffy, of the Nancy Duffy Show, invited me on her show for an interview. It was a wonderful time. We talked deeply and honestly. She contacted me right away upon the publication of ‘Look At Her’, and earlier this week we met for an interview. Nancy’s podcasts also air on CJAM (99.1FM) since we last met, which I think it fabulous! More ears and hearts to attend to!

We slid into conversation like a baseball player into a home run. Old friends burning our tongues on tea and truths. I read some poetry. She asks great questions. I talk about money…and Whoppers (the burger not lies).

Please enjoy our conversation…and listen to the whole show. What Nancy’s doing is important and good for you – for me, for all of us!

Funnily enough, the other interview is about the GDP. Gross. Domestic. Poetry. Ha! Wouldn’t that help the actual GDP!

Here is the link!

Thank you Nancy! Here’s a hug!!


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