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Workshop Reaction: “Unparalleled in our community”

I gave a 2hour workshop on the Art of Journal Writing this past week. Invited by Creative Living Series creator and host, Ruth Ann Wilhelm, I was filled with joy to be asked to participate. The workshop was a grand success – which for me is defined by the following (this list extends to event/speech/lecture/reading) :

  1. Informative and fun
  2. Engaging and inspiring
  3. Educational and honest
  4. My heart feels like it will burst by the end!

There were, I believe, 13 of us, hugging tabletops, heads and hearts open to talking about writing in a journal. There was laughter and tears. Questions and answers. And writing. Lots of writing.

Following my TEDx, which hit none of the points on the list, I will admit that I was nervous to conduct this workshop. But, as the first few words flew out of my mouth, I could feel my heart and mind regaining their work-together, love-together relationship. In the end, I felt invigorated, invested and renewed.

Here is what one of the attendees wrote about her experience:

Thank you, Sho Art, Spirit & Performance, and Ruth Ann Wilhelm for presenting author Vanessa Shields last night. The insights she offered on journal writing were awesome, as was her scope of knowledge on the subject. Her session could well have been called ‘Journal Writing on Steroids’. Vanessa also shared valuable information on what it means to be a writer, and on the inherent successes and disappointments. She is also unique in that she has the courage to share everything, even the most personal aspects of writing. As a mentor for beginning and emerging writers Vanessa is unparalleled in our writing community. In the past she has posted the experiences of her personal writing retreats, one at a Windsor location, and one on Pelee Island. She regularly posts reasonable venues that accept submissions. Her workshops at local libraries have helped beginning writers get started, and wherever she presents her sessions, people come away with a feeling of ‘yes, I too can be a writer’.


I inhale gratefulness! Thank you to all the brave women who attended! I am honoured to share my love of writing with you – and everyone!

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