On Writing

Marathon of Muchness

I started subscribing to a ‘word of the day’ email. It’s been interesting to see the words each day. Particularly when the word matches perfectly with what’s happening in my life. Don’t you love when things like that happen?

MARATHON came in this week. That’s about right; especially the second meaning:

something (such as an event or activity) that lasts an extremely long time or that requires great effort”

I feel like Gertrude’s Writing Room is a marathon of muchness. Every day there are so many things to do! Things that I love to do and things that are all new. Things that I forget to do! Things that I mean to do, but then can’t fit them into the day.

I’ve never run a ‘running’ marathon. I used to tell myself that I’d do it by the time, if not the year, I turned 40. *Bahhha!* The idea (lofty goal) was set after watching Oprah Winfrey run a marathon way back when. (Gosh, I miss her show!) In any case, I thought for sure I’d be able to fit the training and the race into my life by my fortieth year. In reality, by my 34th year, I knew that my body didn’t want to run that long or hard…and I didn’t have the brain power to push through my body’s limitations in this regard. Maybe when I’m 50, I’ll walk a marathon (can you do that?).

Certainly, when I wake up each day, there are long lists of things to do – a marathon of of musts – that I do my best to check off. I like writing lists. They’re very helpful!

Of course, there are those days that show up, seemingly out of the berry-blue, that are WIDE OPEN. And, I get surprised and giddy! These are the days I spend writing and dreaming, sleeping and watching movies…I love these days.

I have been writing a lot. Don’t ask me how, okay? The only thing I can tell you is that discipline is a dear friend. Discipline and deadlines!

I have a blog up over at the League of Canadian Poets. It’s another instalment of ‘The Writing Parent’. This time, I’m writing about the importance of our support systems. Check it out here! 

Yesterday, I had the distinct honour of being interviewed by storyteller and goddess Dame Wilburn for her new podcast Dame’s Eclectic Brain. I went to Music Town Detroit – a totally amazing ‘free’ recording studio and event location above HockeyTown in Detroit. The folks running the place were enthusiastic and awesome. After they gave us the tour, we promised we’d be back for an ‘international, cross-border’ extravaganza of some sort!

Dame and I had an incredible talk about art, failure, souls, and pant-exorcisms. Yes, you read that correctly! I’ll be sure to let you know when the podcast is up and running so you can listen – and subscribe! I also talked a lot about my TEDx experience…’member that doozie? It was very cathartic talking about it. And funny too! After our talk, Dame, Shannon (Cason – another amazing human and storyteller – please visit his Homemade Stories podcast!) and I went to Johnny Noodle King in Detroit. Dame told us it would rock our palates. She was right! We had big bowls of scrumptious pho. Super yummy!

Dame Wilburn and I! Cheesin’.

I’m so grateful for Dame and Shannon! Thanks for hanging with me, y’all!

This evening is the FIRST OFFICIAL workshop at Gertrude’s Writing Room! I’m feeling excited and nervous about this! I am thrilled to be in the space to teach! The place will be all set in the unique Gertrude’s Writing Room way that I’ve been dreaming of living and sharing! I hope that folks will love it and want to return!

I had to make a change in one of the class offerings. At first, I felt a little disappointed, but then I quickly realized that timing has so much to do with attendance. Just because folks aren’t registering now doesn’t mean they won’t ever! Gertrude’s is a wee babe in the grand scheme and I have to be patient and trust that people will come to play when they’re ready and when they can – and that once they get a taste of this delicious baby – they’ll keep coming back!

So tonight we talk about journal writing. It’s gonna be wonderful. I’ll tell you all about it!

Last Friday, we had an outstanding Master Mouth-Off for Mouth Piece Storytelling at Villains Baestro. Wow! I’m still smiling! I’ll have photos and a blog up and out by Monday so everyone can see what a fun night we had! Here’s a sneak peak photo…

The Champion! Geoff Zanetti

Oh yes, we had some mighty fun!

I’m reading a book called The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gower. It’s something else. I’m intrigued and can’t quite figure it out so I don’t want to stop reading!

I finished Lily and the Octupus by Steven Rowley. Damn. It floored me. In the best ways.

What are you reading?

It’s fall. I’m wearing a sweater..and socks and boots today. (No, that’s not all – silly!) I’m enjoying it. The crisp air is great to sleep to. The tornado warning earlier this week, though – a NO-THANKS, YO. #tooscary

Well, friends. I’m off. Gotta eat and finish prepping for the workshop tonight.

I miss you. I miss blogging. Thanks for your patience with me.

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