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Gobble Gobble Grateful

I’m feeling inspired and grateful. Grateful that I’m feeling inspired. The hubby and I had a date to the movies this afternoon. We watched ‘A Star Is Born‘ – the remake written, directed and starring Bradley Cooper, and featuring Lady Gaga and Sam Elliot, Anthony Ramos, Andrew Dice Clay, and loads of other incredible actors. It was outstanding. So intimate and vulnerable. So real and painful. So hopeful and, yep, inspiring. I cried three times. Felt a gamut of emotions. That’s some gift a film can give you, eh? Pulling up emotions from your toes and emptying them out your nose. Sigh. Thanks Bradley and Stefani and the cast and crew. Really.

My mind was filling with poetry as I watched. And I cried for the precision in filmmaking that they created – they captured what it feels like to think and speak and act like an artist. It was something to see and feel and embrace.

I’m grateful for the artist blood that flows through me. I’m grateful for the empowering feelings that other artists can inspire within me.

I’m grateful for dreams – old and new…for the grace that is the patience of these dreams. That the characters, the notes, the paints, the visions – that they wait in the folds of our souls for us to continue to carry them forward. To birth them into the world. For an audience of none, one or millions. Dreams don’t care about outcome, and perhaps that is the most difficult thing for our human minds to hold.

I’m back in the Hangman world. It’s kinda scary. Daunting. But, I think I’m finally ready to re-open this book and give it the rewrite it needs, deserves…that those folds in my soul that have been housing it have so easily opened up and held the characters and story up to me. I feel like I have a clear focus now. I different path. We’ll see where it leads.

I had a really special conversation with storyteller Dame Wilburn on her new podcast, Dame’s Eclectic Brain. Dame and I connected through storytelling, and we’re cut from the same wild-woman cloth. Of course I didn’t hesitate when she invited me to talk with her on the podcast. Heads up – there’s some profanity. It’s mostly me. I don’t know…I just go so excited at parts that expletives flew off my tongue like spit. In any case, our conversation was intense. Important. And, I revisited my TedX speech – remember that doozy?

Take a listen here – and do subscribe to the show. Dame’s brain really is eclectic and you don’t want to miss the conversations she has with all different types of artists.

We have a giant turkey thawing in our fridge. I’m grateful for the food we have to cook and eat and share.

I wish you all a wonderful gobble, gobble weekend.

May your ‘thanks’ extend into each day.

I’m thankful for you.

PS. Just over ten years ago, this was me in France – my belly full of Miller. #miracleshappen #grateful #family #hashtag



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