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Changes. And Little Fish.


I spent yesterday taking down the book-wallpaper I put up at the ‘first’ Gertrude’s. It was bitter sweet. I can’t believe that it’s nearly been one year since I opened Gertrude’s Writing Room…and I’m in a new space and working through all that comes with BIG CHANGE.

I remember how elated I was when I was putting up the torn-out pages of books to stick to the wall. It was a necessary step in this dream that is Gertrude’s Writing Room. It was the perfect place to begin the cultivation of Gertrude’s. I feel grateful and humbled to have had the space to begin to nurture this dream.

The new space is nearly finished. There are few things to hang…and a few items to purchase that will meet all the things on my ‘move in’ list.

It has all been a surreal experience.

Blank slate!
Stuff. Stuff. Stuff!
Organizing and decorating is fun!

I’m sitting in the space alone and it’s incredible. I can hear dogs in the park barking. I can smell fresh flowers on the breeze that’s gently dancing into the room. I can hear birds chirping and chatting. There’s coffee in my mug. There’s chocolate in the candy dishes. There’s meetings and plans in the date book for the continued cultivation of this amazing dream called Gertrude’s Writing Room.

But there’s also…wobbly guts.

Today is the last day of school for the kids. Summer always brings on new challenges family-wise, and it is both an ending to the school year and the beginning of weeks of adventure. I’m feeling it differently this summer because the kids are older – on the cusp of being able to stay home alone…starting a new babysitting gig…we will work on our summer wish-lists and schedule tonight after school. Teaching the kids about time management has never been so prevalent…and it makes me feel all sorts of feels about childhood…fun…learning…work…and parenting.

My own childhood is wicked fresh in my brain at this time of year. I remember hours of bike-riding, board games on the neighbour’s front porch, swimming lessons, reading, reading, reading…lip-synching to Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ and George Micheals’ ‘One More Try’ to my dog…dreaming of being a famous writer and actress…dreaming of French-kissing any boy who’d kiss me back…wishing for boobs and a womanly body…

There was no internet. No cell phone. No worry about creepers around every corner. Life. Was. Different.

Not better. Not worse. Just very, very different.

And I find myself feeling a great weight of nostalgia at the ‘less-ness’ of it all. We had less choices, it feels like. But that probably wasn’t true. Things seemed simpler. Slower. But I betcha if I jumped back in my twelve-year-old body I’d still feel like Time was moving too quickly. And that there were too many things to do.

Last night, we were watching ‘Stand By Me’. Oh, the childhood adventure film. The walking. The storytelling. The beautiful stress of finding a dead body – whatever your ‘dead body’ metaphorically would be.

I still yearn for Stand By Me-esque dead body adventures. I want my kids to experience them too. (No, I don’t want them to find a real dead body! But I want them to have deep adventures!)

And now it’s 4:40pm…I’m sitting at the dining room table with the kids planning out our summer. Scheduling is a thang. An important thang. In fact, I’m not quite sure how to handle all these summer days without it!

Dinner is boiling on the stove (eggs for egg salad sandwiches. From 7-9pm I’ll be at Biblioasis chatting about writing and publishing.

If you’re reading this, and you’d like to WIN A SIGNED FREE COPY OF HER AWARD-WINNING BOOK ‘LITTLE FISH’ – just leave a comment in the comment section and tell me what you take PRIDE in. (Make that mean what you will. First to comment wins!)

I’m super excited about this. I love talking about writing!

Over at the League of Canadian Poets, I’ve got a blog up for The Writing Parent on the topic of ‘work’. Who knew? Have a read HERE.

There’s lots of fun happening at Gertrude’s Writing Room over the summer – be sure to take a peek HERE.

And…there’s some seriously fun planning about to happen…

…because I’m learning that there are things we should offer ‘annually’…and events we can create that can happen ‘annually’ that I need to visualize on a big board because my brain works better that way!

I feel burst-worthy most days…and when my head hits the pillow I’m thinking…holy cows…there is not one more thing I could have jammed into this day.

Yes, I’m reading…

Yes, I’m writing, but I promise you I’ll be writing so MUCH MORE this summer. It’s on the schedule!

I know there are things I want to share with you – cool events and industry news…but all I can think of is…


The proofs for our new kids clerihew poetry book are in my hands!!! Thanks to the amazing Glen Hawkes for helping to make this happen. Soon…we’ll have books for sale! Yewwwwwwwweeeeee!

I’m bathing suit clad….need to peel those eggs…eat…change and get to the exciting event for 7pm.

Happy summer to you all. It’s here. It’s hot. We’re soaking in the heat and love.

What are you reading?

Tell me! One of you could be reading Casey Plett’s ‘Little Fish’ very soon….!

All my love.


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