On Writing

Haikus #morningcoffeesessions

This morning I had a hard time settling into a poem. I did a quick journal to gather my thoughts…and decided on writing a few haikus.

I will read your veins
As you absorb morning light
Leaves are nature’s books

Reach for the most light
Falling from the blue jay’s beak
Mourning dove witness

Water loves to slide
Across arched grass green blade bend
Erotic dew drops

Ponder thunder’s voice
Rolling rumbling righteousness
Conductor of sky song

Stars wait in the sky
Let the now weave day baskets
Night is for shining

If anyone was watching me, they would have seen me counting syllables on my fingers. I like writing haikus…although they are good challenge in clarity and precision…which mostly is not my natural instinct when writing poetry!

I’ve been thinking about my Nonna a lot more these days. She’s not feeling well…and old worries are climbing out hiding places in my body. I’m doing a lot more praying. I wrote a poem for her…but I’m not sharing it because I’m going to submit it to a contest…and include it in my new book…so soon, you’ll see it somewhere!

It’s Friday. We made it. It was a long, busy week for me. I’m soooo grateful I can see and feel the sun’s shining. Miller and I will go for a walk shortly.

Have a beautiful weekend. Is it true that things are starting to shift? Places and spaces are beginning to re-open? I cannot believe it….we’ll see what the weekend brings.

Oh, and it’s May! My birthday month. Jett’s birthday month. Time to plant things.

Be kind. Be creative. Be loving.

*Firefly Creative Writing is extending its morning coffee sessions into August – three mornings a week. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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