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Lagoon #morningcoffeesessions

When I see the word lagoon
my mind feels embraced by the double Os
grateful my thoughts get two tunnels of
OOOO in which to dive

When I see the word lagoon
my skin feels electric
vibrating with slick samphire
rambunctious reed catty cattail
opening like thighs to brief
interludes of sunshine
a revelation of mysteries
daring to be solved

When I see the word lagoon
my ear tops twitch in anticipation
of what curious sounds will unfold
in the thick delicious air a
hidden realm releases

When I see the word lagoon
I dip my painted toes in the white
feathery folds of a hissing swan
her grace on the murky pond
a lesson in movement – monumental

When I see the word lagoon
I lean my hip on the mossy stump of
a felled white willow protruding
through a bouquet of smirking sedgewort
siberian statice – stoic
sea turtles winking as they
swim in the shadows

When I see the word lagoon
I sway my eyes across a magical space
all fairytale and parable and allegory
all skipping songs and hand-clap tunes
too real to be real for my fading
childhood freedoms

When I see the word lagoon
I accept that my mermaid past
has made many stops in the
blue-green love stories that are
tucked in the muted orange-browns
of the raised moles under my left breast
above my heart
like an X on a

That is all for today. Peace.

One thought on “Lagoon #morningcoffeesessions

  1. When I see the word legume I think of mushy peas.

    Sorry. I started to write this note about your beautiful poem and legume just jumped into my head. You know, writer stuff.

    Wonderful poem V.  So many nice images, thoughts such as smirking sedgewort.

    Hugs. Stay safe. M


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