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#morningcoffeesessions Two Poems


heat is a constant melody
blaring from the radios
planted like seeds in
the gardens of my body

the music is always on
pushing lyrics in sweat beads
out of the skin on my temples
blasting beats of pleasure
in my vulva furnace where
it transforms into waterfalls

heat is a spell – magic
in its ability to move like
plumey smoke to tousle
my veins like half-alive
leaves clinging to
the mother tree

heat is a dictionary
spurting letters and sounds
volcanic communication
rumbling in the Vesuvius
of my spinal cord

heat howls
heat hides
heat vultures
heat slides

dramatic     of course
flamboyant    yes
righteous rambunctious religious
in its plight to convert me

I am baptized in The River Perspiration
intoxicated by the salty streams of
liquid hot pointing like arrows
on the battered road signs of
life’s trembling adventures

all the important things
involve heat

feather | feathers

one feather with a broken rachis or
two feathers leaninginto each other

one core aimed in a new direction or
two foundations reaching for connection

one splayed body bend
into shadow or
two bodies crooked opening
toward the light

one image of blissful blue strokes
e x p a n d i n g over open white
choosing to see two featherstouching
knowing the way love
can blend into singularity
understanding that way love
can C
a centre

the honey stickiness of
enduring love that grounds
separate roots

one or two
together and apart
broken then blended

the sacred dance of commitment
as fickle as feathers in waiting
as phenomenal as the wind
that whips them into ecstasy

Tomorrow is the hubby and I’s seventeenth wedding anniversary. Oh, sweet love. Thank you! In total, our love has been alive for 23 years. That’s nearly half my life. Love is grand and true. Thank you, babe.

Keep loving.

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