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Poem 203 – To Trains & First Impressions Event Tonight

To trains

to trains
to moving mysteries that roam
whilst roaming
to blurry scenery & the romance
of not knowing the next
tongue you’ll taste
to old fantasies that fatten
like scar tissue
to blank pages & pink ink
blending into poetry
to the country of sky
you hold up each day
to evening thunderstorms
that surprise & scare

to breaking & breathing
to sobbing & sleeping
to wild nights with Emily
& kinship with dead writers
who never really die

to the damn bigness of tiny moments
to everything & everyone
to trains
to tracks
to leaving & returning
until the place & the person
becomes your blood

TONIGHT! Youth Poet Laureate Event on Facebook Live!


Join in for the first talk in the First Impressions series with local Windsor youth poets Alexei Ungurenaşu and Serafina Piasentin! 7pm on Facebook live at the Museum Windsor page.

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