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Poem 267 Two Lips & Goodies #culturedays2021

Two Lips

Two lips alone are amazing
they smile shape sounds
rest in listening repose

Two lips alone are curtains
for the stage that is your face
(yes, your eyes are the lights, of course)

Two lips alone are puffed with electricity
dormant until

Two lips pressed on two other lips well –
this is a whole new theatrical release!

The science of exchange lives in the lips
and chemistry and biology perform too

Two lips feel two lips in the debut discovery
of first love (isn’t it curious how the eyes close?

light moves to mouths)


I am part of an exciting interchange of art for this year’s culture days!


It’s easy & fun – choose a kind of art (writing or visual), read and/or experience it – then write or do art in response! Thank you to Laura Rechwan for curating this fine exhibition! #culturedays2021


An interview with kid-lit writer Charis Cotter about her *new* novel The Dollhouse!

Announcements for Yin Writing on Zoom – will you write with me at a gawd-awful early time in the morning? Please and thank you?!

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